This is K2 (Mount Goodwin Austin) This is Baltoro (Glacier) This is Siachen (The Third Pole) And I am, Noman Abid.Let’s check out Karakoram. This is Nature’s Greatest Creation! This world’s tallest and most dangerous mountain range.

THE KARAKORUM A lot of people believe that the Karakorum are a part the Himalayas. This mountain range is not a part of the Himalayas This is the “daddy” of Himalayas. The average height of Himalayan mountains is is almost 18 thousand feet but the average height of gigantic Karakorum is about 23 thousand feet This is the highest average compared toany other mountain range in the world Himalayas are also great

They contain Mt. Everest and NangaParbat Himalayas span across Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bhutan But Himalayas are no Karakorum! Wanna know why? Let’s compare Karakorum’ tallest mountain K2 with Himalayas’ tallest Mount Everest Mt. Everest is 200m taller than K2 It is world’s tallest peak.

K2 comes at the second place. They say nobody remembers who came second. But let us remember this second-place holder 13 people above the age of 60 have climbed Everest. A 73-year young woman has also conquered Everest. A 13-year old boy and a 13-year old girlhave also reached the summit.

Blind, amputees and cancer survivors,all have climbed Everest. And 3 Nepalese have made Everest their playground. Each of them has climbed Everest 21 TIMES! Over 7000 people have conquered Everest so far. Now, wanna know about K2? Only about 300 people have been able to brave K2 But, K2 has claimed more lives than Everest.

K2 has claimed more livesThan any other in the world. Perhaps that is K2 is known as the Savage Mountain Most of the Karakoram mountains areextremely tall and extremely dangerous Perhaps that’s the reason the Karakorams hold so many world records. Baltoro’s frozen river in the Karakorams can be clearly seen from the space. On the last end of the Karakorams,lies Siachen Glacier. This a huge sweet-water stock But, it is also world’s highest theatre of war.

Pakistani and Indian armies are contaminating this sweet water resource with their artillery. Our soldiers brave this cold-hell only for their country and do not hesitate in making the ultimate sacrifice but war helps no one. Siachen is melting And, in the next few years, it is feared to die out. What a tragedy it is that nobody cares for such issues in Pakistan. Neither the TV channels, nor the political leaders. I’m getting sidetracked.

Let’s come back to our topic. So what does “Karakorum” mean? It is a Turkish work meaning:”Black Gravel” or “Black Mountain” Karakorum got their name because centuries ago- when Qaim Ali Shah was a young man – the main pass through which silk trade took place was situated in dark shadowy mountains. This pass got named the Karakorum Pass. Hence, the whole mountain range got their name.

The Karakoram But, this pass is no more in use. Because it is situated exactly on theLine (out) of Control. These days, Khunjrab Pass is used for trade (with China). Khunjrab is the world’s highest JCP(Joint Checkpost). And, it is the world’s highest trade route. And, the world’s highest ATM is also here. Crossing the Khunjrab Pass is theKarakoram Highway.

It is one of the world’s most beautiful roads. It is also nicknamed the 8th wonder of the world. And rightly so. Rightly so because it is next to impossibleto construct roads on such places. Let me give you an example. Switzerland’s mountains are quite famous. You must have seen them in (Bollywood) films Switzerland’s highest point is Monte Rosa And it is rises to 4600 meters.

And Karakorum Highway is constructed at 4700 meters That’s 100 meters above the highest point of the tallest mountain in Switzerland. The Karakorum Highway (KKH) is considereda testament of the Pak-China friendship. And, rightly so. The construction of KKH began in 1959 but it took 20 years to complete it. 810 Pakistani and over 200 Chinese workers gave their lives in the construction of this road. in Gilgit’s China Yaadgaar (China Memorial) graveyard taking the eternal map.

These Chinese brothers still remind us that a resolve can move mountains. Now, Pakistan and China resolve to make CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor) And, the gateway of CPEC is the Karakoram Highway. That’s why there’s more work being done on this road. It is being expanded. It is being turned into a year-round trade route instead of a 8-months a year.

Karakorum Rail Link will also accompany KKH in future. We, here at K2K are extensively researching on CPEC But, what do I talk about Karakorams…I have already given all the info. But, I do wanna recommend a Hollywood flick Vertical Limit This film is made on K2. It’s a good movie. If you like mountains then do watch this movie. You’ll love it. And,


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