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benazir bhutto Biography

Benazir Bhutto Biography

Benazir Bhutto is our Heroine, Our girls look up to her but she is the woman who from out all the men in the world chose to marry Asif Ali Zardari. What could Benazir possibly have seen in Asif Ali Zardari that no one in entire Pakistan has seen till this day? Lets have an overview of Benazir’s life

Who is Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto is the 1st female Head of Government of any Muslim country and has had taken many big initiatives Her story is fascinating and starts from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto The original Bhutto, the same Bhutto who is ‘still alive’. He Pakistan’s first elected Prime Minister and was a very good politician. He studied at University of California, Oxford University & Lincoln’s Inn

He was an ardent supporter of martial law in beginning of political career but later opposed it vehemently He is accused of the country’s partition but is also considered the great leader of the public at large.

He is the one who started the trend of spurring up emotions in Politics in Pakistan. There is not one, but two Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttos. One is the one standing here and the second is you, each and every one of you. So, will you Serve? Will you work Hard? Will you Fight? Will you die? Will you Strive? Will you do it by faith? Do You Swear by God on it?

Smashes the microphones Bhutto is a very interesting character and we are also making a biography on his life but for now the point is that he was a very popular politican and his government was overthrown by Gen. Zia Ul Haq. A murder case was also prosecuted on Mr. Bhutto in Gen. Zia’s government in which he was convicted and hanged till death.

We have made a biography on the life of General Zia as well and if you would like to watch that then the link is available in the description of this video. Let’ get back to our current topic. When Bhutto was hung then at that time his son, the brother of Benazir, Murtaza Bhutto was leading a movement against Zia’s government and it also carried out terrorist attacks.

This movement was called ‘Az Zulfiqar’. That organization hijacked that very plane of PIA which stands today at the Chuburji in Lahore.

Murtaza Bhutto was getting popular due to his deeds and at the same time Benazir was kept under house arrest due to which she was gaining popluarity as well. At the end Benazir left the country in 1984 when she was freed. Like her father she was a graduate of some of the world’s best universities.

She studied at Harvard & Oxford hence knew Diplomatic Dealings very well. She had become very popular in Pakistan even while living outside Pakistan. She was greeted with such a grand reception in Lahore when she came back in 1986 that it is still quoted as an example till this day.

After this reception it had become evident that Benazir would be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan and it turned out exactly like that. Pakistan People’s Party formed government in the elections of 1988 after General Zia’s Plane crash the same year. Pakistan is one of the 1st countries in the world to elect a female head of state whereas even the USA still has not had one.

Benazir was suggested to get married before elections as a married woman would seem more exalted, intelligent and close to the masses as opposed to an unmarried girl and hence would help in gathering votes. Benazir agreed and decided to have an arranged marriage. Then her mother ‘SELECTED’ Asif Ali Zardari, the Son of Hakim Ali Zardari.

This Hakim Ali Zardari iis the same person who once called Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah a mad man. The entire detail of that incident is in our video on Bangladesh the link to which is in the description. Asif Ali Zardari also did not had much of a track record. It is on record that Zardari Failed when he was in Karachi Grammar School and there is no record at all to be found of his education in London. It seems that the Education from London is a total facade.

Zardari is notorious for many other instances as well but since we do not have their proofs hence we will not delve into them. So the question was that if Any person in the world.

Let alone Pakistan, would be willing to marry Benazir who was the upcoming Prime minister of Pakistan then why go for ‘Asif Ali Zardari’. Anyways, the wedding took place which was more of a political rally than a wedding. More than 200,000 people attended it with lots of firing. One person died and several others were injured.

Because Benazir did not want to show off she wore no Gold jewelry on the wedding and only glass bangles. Even after marriage she did not gave up her father’s name to change it to Benazir Zardari from Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir became the Prime Minister in 1988 but could not form her government in Punjab. And since officers loyal to People’s Party were singled out and eliminated by General Zia there was no support for People’s Party in the Military or Bureaucracy. Benazir’s 1st tenure went entirely into just stabilizing the matters.

On one hand Punjab’s Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz kept on disrupting her govenrment and on the other hand some factions of the armed forces and bureaucracy did not consider her loyal to Pakistan. When everyone opposes you then how can you govern and so her government ended within 2 years ISI’s operation midnight Jackal is notorious for not only giving bribes to politicians but also telling them otherwise that if you side with People’s Party then we wont support you.

Since now ex chief of ISI has disclosed all of this so it is a part of record. Anyhow, the government was demolished. The only difference now was the with the coming of a liberal and democratic government after an 11 years rule of General Ziaul Haque the ban to show dance on PTV was lifted. The film & TV industry also thought that it was the time for their revival.

Benazir won the election again in 1993. This time she was much more mature, had organized her entire party according to her requirements and was completely ready for the all circumstances. But again Asif Ali Zardari Ruined Benazir. He did so much corruption that Amnesty International ranked Pakistan 2nd as the most corrupt country in the world. Every government department got people appointed without any merit. It was that time when PIA and Railways got completely ruined as corporations.

Zardari was labelled as Mr. 10% meaning that if you gave him a 10% of the deal you can get anything from his government. Pakistan’s largest Gold mine Reko Diq also was sold in this era without anyone knowing at all Many artifacts vanished from many museums of Pakistan. Also in this tenure the brother of Benazir, Murtaza Bhutto was shot dead. Since that time the niece of Benazir, Fatima Bhutto, who is Murtaza Bhutto’s daughter has been accusing Asif Ali Zardari out loud of her father’s murder.

But Murtaza Bhutto’s murder has not been investigated till this day and this is one of the biggest allegations on Benazir that a woman who while being the Prime Minister cannot even investigate her own brother’s murder then she… There are many other similar things as well famous about Zardari but since we do not have their proofs we wont mention them. Moreover even if one has proofs of such things they ought not to be discussed. Anyhow, the result was that after 3 years Benazir’s own chosen president, Farooq Leghaari dismissed her government. At that time Pakistan had only had 17 days of reserves left and the rest of entire reserve account had been emptied. Her 2nd government’s performance was such that Nawaz Sharif won 90% of the seats in 1997 elections.

It seemed as if PPP was finish but this is a part of Pakistani politics that corrupt people can always find space for themselves. After such a horrific defeat in the elections Benazir herself left the country. Musharaf declared Martial law in 1999 and Nawaz Shareef also left the country in 2000. Musharaf ruled without any hindrances but with time got fed up with his own forged party the Muslim League Q. Obviously as he disliked Nawaz Sharif, he started thinking Benazir as an option. Benazir did strike a deal with him but not only for herself but also got a way for Nawaz Sharif to return as well.

Till this day this is considered as an example of democracy that she got a deal for her opponent’s return as well. After 9 years, Benazir returned on 18th October 2007 in Karachi to a massive reception. A bomb blast was also included in that reception rally. When the rally was passing the point of Kaarsaaz a big explosion took place in a very dense crowd and hence killed almost 200 people and more than 500 were injured Benazir was high in spirits even after such a big tragedy. Maybe she believed that until it was her time to go nothing could harm her but her time had come.

Just after 2 months of the Kaarsaaz explosion, on the 27th of December Benazir had a rally at ‘Liaqat Baagh’ in Rawalpindi. This is the very location where Liaqat Ali Khan, the first PM of Pakistan, was gunned down by an Afghan citizen. Benazir also perished at this place.

After completing her speech when she was going back in her car she came out from the sunroof to wave at her workers and the killer found his chance. She was shot at first and then the explosion took place. We all remember the day and the time when Benazir was killed especially those who were travelling because their travel had become a lot more worse.

All People’s Party workers had took to the streets and things were looking to get very ugly but People’s Party’s leaders did not let the situation get out of control. Who was behind Benazir’s Murder? Man, this is one Tough question. Who benefited the most? Mr. Zardari became the president. It is possible that since Benazir did not became Musharaf’s stooge so he had her killed.

It is also possible that the religious extremists killed her because she was of a liberal mindset. At the end let’s also talk about how she should be remembered. Benazir got votes because she was the daughter of Bhutto and not because of herself.

Both of Benazir’s governments with herself as the PM were accused of grave allegations most of which proved to be true later on. The biggest accusation of those was that she could not stop her husband Asif Ali Zardari from Corruption.

This is absolutely right that Benazir had had a very tough life. Her father was hanged, she herself was imprisoned and Nawaz Sharif also disturbed her all the time in every manner. And when in Musharaf’s period things were getting a bit better she was Murdered. Benazir was a very strong leader, even grave sorrows could not break her but this does not at all mean that she was any messiah.

Her governments damaged Pakistan a lot. She was a very courageous and steadfast woman but if anyone of us tries to find in her any more than these virtues then they are very mistaken. Until the next video, Farewell.


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