the 11 best ideas for remote jobs

Work from Home: The 11 best ideas for remote jobs

Nowadays, working from home is becoming more and more popular , and many see it as the ideal solution to combine work activity and personal needs.

Having to take care of a family member, having difficulty getting around, or simply having more time and being freed from the chore of daily commuting: there are many reasons for wanting to work from home. But whatever the reason, choosing to work from home has become obvious to many of us . The challenge is to find a job that you can easily do from your sofa …

What many don’t know is that there are actually many ways to make a living from a distance. And if these opportunities can be very varied, they will not necessarily all correspond to your objectives… Even if working from home has many advantages, this way of working will not stick to the personalities and the capacity of concentration of everyone.

To find the solution that suits you best, here are 11 remote job ideas below that will allow you to work from home.

Web Editor

From content writing to developing a content marketing strategy, there are plenty of opportunities in writing and copywriting for those looking to work from home.

Although in this sector full-time jobs are rare, anything is possible by dedicating a minimum of time to research. Another interesting solution is to start as a micro-entrepreneur to gradually build a network of loyal customers. It can be a great way to earn a living working from home or wherever you want!

Average salary: € 1,500 per month

Graphic designer / Designer

There are many who have been successful in making a living as web designers or web designers, whether they work remotely for a particular company or as a freelance.

Although learning web design or graphic design can be very difficult at times, there are many online resources and training solutions for those interested in this type of assignment.

And there is no shortage of missions: almost all businesses now need a website… So there are a multitude of opportunities available to you, whether you are just starting out in working life or want to reorient yourself! Whether creating a site, images, logos, communication or marketing tools, the way is open to all graphic designers who want to find a job at home.

Average salary : 1800-2000 € per month

Web developer

Tech is undeniably one of the sectors where there are the most opportunities to work from home. And in this area, the most popular professions remain those of developers. As a web developer, your mission is to participate in the creation of websites and / or applications that make the Internet such a wonderful place …

True experts in HTML and CSS and regularly handling other languages ​​such as PHP, JavaScrip or Ruby, the profession of web developer is still booming today, including for all those looking for a home job . Design and creation of personalized sites or web apps, modification or redesign of sites, creation of showcases… all these missions can be done directly from the comfort of your home

Average salary (beginner): 2000 € per month


If you are bilingual or master several languages, including (if not especially) less widely used ones, you can easily find a job as a home translator.

Very easy to practice as a remote job, translators working online can either work for a translation company, or as a freelance for translation assignments for reports, articles, podcasts, web pages or even books.

Before any job interview, however , make sure you have mastered all aspects of the translator’s job, because speaking several languages ​​is not enough: project management, linguistics, analytical skills, general knowledge … many other qualities are also sought after.

Average salary : 1900-2000 € per month

Virtual Assistant

If you have experience as a personal assistant, administrative assistant or executive assistant, you should know that you can do similar work right from home with the virtual assistant at home position.

The role of virtual assistants is to provide administrative support to one or more clients, often companies who cannot financially afford to hire a full-time assistant position, or who simply would not have the workload. necessary to occupy a 35h.

Virtual assistant assignments are mostly done over the phone or the Internet, ideal for those looking for an easily accessible home job. Jobs will mainly be found through an agency that will offer you your future assignments.

Average salary: 20 € per hour

Marketing and / or Public Relations

An internet connection and a telephone are often the only equipment you will need to work in marketing and public relations. This is what makes it one of the ideal professions to practice in home or remote work.

Some face-to-face meetings with the client or the company you will be working for will be necessary in most cases, but are usually quite occasional. Exchanges by phone or using current digital tools will be more than enough to develop your brand communication strategies and tactics.

Medical tele-secretary

If you have a basic knowledge of administrative professions as well as a particular affinity for the health and medical sector, the profession of home medical secretary is for you!

The main mission of a tele-secretary is to provide a hotline for a doctor or health professional, as well as to make appointments for his patients. And for that, no need for an office!

Capacity for empathy, developed attention, organization and agility in the management of administrative tasks are the qualities most sought after.

Average salary : € 1200-1500 per month

Independent home seller

VDI is one of the classic jobs in home work. Accessible to everyone and easy to start, even for beginners, door-to-door sales consists of offering consumers or future customers the services or products of the company that hires you, the canvassing taking place outside a sales room ” classic ”.

Ideal solution for people with a commercial fiber who are looking for a work from home that is not very monotonous but which nevertheless involves a minimum of social contact, no need to manage stocks or inventories in this original sales activity. These are generally direct sales missions through door-to-door sales or through meetings.

Average salary : € 1200-1600 per month

Customer Relations Officer

If you like to relate to others on a daily basis and help others, working from home in customer relations is an ideal prospect.

By working for a company, you generally get the same benefits as an office worker while being able to do your business from the comfort of your home. You thus combine the stability of a full-time job and the calm of home assignments.

Average salary: € 1,800 per month

Community Manager

Social networks have become an essential marketing and business tool for many brands. And over time, these social media tools continue to become more complex… This is why companies very often need experienced managers to manage their online communication.

Ideal missions to practice when looking for a home job, the job of community manager involves knowing how to unite communities and ensure an engaging and effective marketing strategy on social networks.

Average salary: € 2,300 per month

Your current job: an often overlooked homework opportunity

With the development of digital communication tools, it is increasingly likely that many so-called “classic” jobs can now be done at home. And with the rise of telecommuting, many companies with physical offices now prefer to save the cost of office size by instead hiring employees willing to work remotely.

Contrary to what we tend to think, there are many jobs that seem firmly rooted in the office and open plan world, however, would be perfect for those who aspire to a remote job.

Work from home: How to facilitate your job search


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