The 14 Best Part Time Jobs For Student

Successfully linking a student job with your studies requires a lot of organization.

And placing hours of part-time work in a busy class schedule and a social life that you don’t always want to sacrifice is far from obvious.

Because of course, you want a job that will allow you to earn enough money. But all without having to sacrifice your studies.

In this article, we present to you the best part-time student jobs to be able to manage your studies and while offering yourself an income.

1. Keep animals

And yes: you can get paid to take care of other people’s pets. Who wouldn’t dream of being paid to pet and play with a puppy for hours?

Walking dogs or keeping pets can be a great student job.

You can apply on sites dedicated for this purpose, such as Yoopies .

2. Baby sitter

Babysitting is one of the most popular and recommended student jobs. And it’s not for nothing: the working hours often take place in the evening or on weekends, while parents are away. It is therefore often easy to match your babysitting schedules with your class schedules.

But keep in mind that this is a job where references, recommendations and word of mouth are very important. To start and build some experience for yourself, you will probably have to start by babysitting your loved ones or people who know and trust you.

Once your experience is adapted, you can go directly through online babysitting platforms.

3. Reception advisor at the bank

This job is a little more popular as a summer job, but it is in any case a student job which can be particularly interesting.

This involves informing customers at the reception of your bank’s branch and helping them with various administrative or financial procedures.

Do not hesitate to inquire online or send an unsolicited application to the banks around you.

4. Barista

We know that students and coffee often go hand in hand. But that’s not just the case when it comes to staying awake during lecture hall classes. Becoming a barista is also one of the privileged student jobs.

Whether in a local cafe or a Starbuck, Columbus or other chain, your mission will be to welcome customers, collect them and / or prepare their drinks while managing the good running of the premises.

5. Waiter in restaurant

It is also a fairly common job for students. Because in addition to taking orders and bringing meals to the table, waiters and waitresses also work on interpersonal skills that can be very valuable to them later in the world of work.

Since the hours are mainly concentrated at noon and in the evening, it is also a good way to organize yourself around your classes.

6. Community Manager / Social media assistant

The role of community manager is to create and / or plan publications on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for brands and companies.

If you are particularly comfortable with social media and are willing to spend a few hours training yourself to be able to manage accounts professionally, this student job is for you. There are trainings on the internet to train in social networks.

7. Telemarketer / telephone advisor

Many businesses and nonprofits are always looking for people to make phone calls.

Whether it is to sell products, conduct surveys or request donations, the goal of the call center advisor is to follow a call script and best answer questions from the person on the other end of the phone to encourage them. to subscribe to an offer, buy a product or answer questions.

The advantage of this job is that most of the calls are made in the evening when the majority of people are at home, and therefore when you are probably not in class either.

8. Give private lessons

If you are a college student, you are probably majoring in a subject that is taught in a simpler form in college and high school.

If you have a minimum of teaching skills, you will find plenty of tutoring opportunities for students younger than you in a particular subject.

Here again, you can either go through a specialized platform or find out about tutoring opportunities.

9. Web Editor

If you are studying in a literary field or are particularly good at writing, web writing is one of the best student jobs you can find.

The great advantage of this method is that your work can be done completely “à la carte”, and therefore write when you want and as much as your schedule allows.

Concretely, you can register on platforms like Fiverr or 5euros which will put you in touch with companies or freelancers who are looking for people to write them articles on various subjects.

Another advantage: you can also work from wherever you want, directly from your computer

10. Web designer

Is your field of study in web design? Or do you just have technical skills in development?

If so, you might decide to build websites for clients – an expertise that is increasingly in demand these days.

In addition to being an activity that is often fairly well paid, it will allow you to have valuable professional experience for the rest of your career, as the web and development are becoming important topics in companies.

Even though you might end up spending long hours in front of a computer, here again you can work from where you want, set your own schedules, and agree to work times your schedule allows.

11. Translator

Are you studying a particular foreign language? Where do you get the chance to be bilingual (or even more)?

You can easily find on the internet translation assignments, small or larger, to put your talent to good use.

The less fluent the language, the fewer the missions will be, but the higher the prices will be.

The translations to be performed can be completely varied:

  • User manuals
  • Technical translations (e.g. medical)
  • Articles
  • Translations of tools and software

12. Virtual assistant

Today more and more people are working online, and all over the world.

As a result, more and more people, especially freelancers and small businesses, are looking for virtual assistants.

If you are new to this system, VAs are employed to handle administrative or organizational tasks that do not need to be performed by the business owner. Think for example of managing a calendar, invoicing, customer support, moderation on social networks, planning blog articles …

What makes it one of the best student jobs? It is that you do not need to have made any particular studies to do this work.

But as with many activities like this, the amount you can charge as a virtual assistant will depend on your skills and experience.

And if you have specific skills such as digital marketing, copywriting, emailing or social networks, your prices may be that much higher.

13. Work on your campus

You may be worried that you don’t have enough time to combine school and work. In this case, taking a job on your university campus can be a good compromise.

There are several jobs that will allow you to earn some money directly at your place of study:

  • Work in the university cafeteria
  • Library Assistant
  • Work at the student reception desk
  • IT support

However, these jobs are often quite popular with students.

14. Work For Host

Events is also one of the sectors that regularly hires, in particular students, and even with little experience … as long as you have a good interpersonal skills!

You can work as a host or hostess for many events: concerts, conferences, exhibitions, seminars

To apply with an agency, browse the various online ads. Once you have joined an agency, they will contact you as soon as they have assignments for you.

What makes it one of the best student jobs? You can therefore choose or not the missions you accept according to your availability and the schedule of your studies.

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