How To Make Money With Affiliate

How To Make Money With Affiliate

Hi, it’s Theo. Welcome to this new Blog

Today I would like to share my best techniques for you to make money with affiliate no matter which affiliate program you join. I have prepared a little Blog for you that will really help you make real money, thanks to the affiliation.

So, first of all, very quickly:

  • What is an affiliate program ?
  • How to earn money with affiliation?
  • What is that ?
  • Where does the money come from?
  • How do you become an affiliate?

What is affiliation?

Affiliate is a system that allows you to earn money , earn commissions every time you recommend a business and you trigger a sale. For example: you have a friend and you recommend a company to them, either because you like them, or because you know them, or because you trust them. And when your friend comes by you, goes through a link that you are going to send him… For example, there is a shoe company and your friend needs shoes. You send her a link to a pair of shoes, saying “Maybe look this one, it could fit you” or “Look, what do you think of that one?” “. If your friend clicks on your link and they buy the pair of shoes in question, you will make money.

The affiliate program, affiliate programs in general, “how to become an affiliate”, it all comes down to that. So you will make money every time you bring back people who will trigger sales.

So, the big question that everyone asks themselves very often and directly is

How much does the affiliation earn?

It depends on a lot of things. It is therefore strictly impossible to tell you how much it brings. There is no specific salary. I know people who earn between 70,000 and 300,000 euros per month thanks to the affiliation. So, it is possible to really have “enormous” income.

However, it will depend on the affiliate program you join. There are affiliate programs that earn you 0.5% of a sale and there are affiliate programs that will earn you up to 70% and more of the sale in question. So it all depends on the affiliate program.

So of course, the more commission the affiliate program earns you, the harder it will be to sell, and the smaller the affiliate, the easier it will be to make money. For example, I’m going to give you the three most well-known affiliate programs and you’ll see very quickly how you stack up on that.

What are the three most famous affiliate programs?

Here are the three affiliate programs:

The first is obviously the affiliate partner site: Amazon .

If I quote any links, you will find them all in the description of the Blog. Although this Blog is about affiliate, I have absolutely nothing to gain if you go to the links in question, which I am telling you about. So there are 3.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The first to have an affiliate program is Amazon . I now display the price table on the screen. This will earn you between 3 and 10% on the French market, depending on the product you are going to recommend.

The good thing about Amazon is that if you share an affiliate link, for example, for a pair of shoes, and the person takes a pair of shoes and a plasma screen and well, you will earn a commission on the pair of shoes and on the plasma screen. So that is really interesting. Even if you recommend small things, if behind your customer buys big products, you still get the commission.

1TPE and Clickbank

Then you have the 1TPE affiliate platform . “One TPE” or even “Un TPE” for pure French speakers. You will find the link in the description of the Blog. This affiliate platform is actually a catalog of affiliate programs, a catalog of affiliate training .

What does it mean ? It’s very simple: in fact, it’s a website that brings together lots of people offering lots of training on lots of different subjects. For example, you want to create a blog on skin issues, but you might not want to create training on skin issues. You don’t want to bother with clients, you don’t want to bother creating training, you don’t have the time or the inclination, you don’t know how to do it … Well, quite simply , you go to an affiliate catalog, I will quote you two: 1TPE and Clickbank .

You will once again find all the links in the description of the Blog.

These two training catalogs bring together lots of bloggers, lots of content creators, on lots of different topics. You will, quite simply, be able to earn money through all the affiliate programs. Without even getting in touch with the content creators. For example, you are starting a blog in the field of bodybuilding. You will not get in touch with whoever created the training, but you will have their affiliate link directly, you will put it on your blog and you will earn money. It’s that simple.

So the big advantage of 1TPE and Clickbank is that they are not natural persons, they are not the content creators who are going to pay you. So you won’t have any interaction with people, it’s the 1TPE and ClickBank platforms that will pay you every month. It is therefore much more serious.

That’s a serious advantage compared to other affiliate programs that can be done directly from people, from content creators, who are half serious.

What are the benefits of my affiliate program?

You are not going to sell, but to offer

The first point to understand is that rather than selling, you are going to be offering . Basically, I have prepared some gifts that you are going to be able to give to people and when those people accept your gift through you, through your affiliate link and well, you are going to make money every time when someone comes to me. purchases a product as a result of this gift.

Myself, I have developed a certain expertise on the internet. It’s been two years since I worked almost day and night for my business on the internet. And today, I’ve noticed that offering content rather than directly asking to buy works at least 100 times better for selling information products. So again this is a big plus, you don’t have to sell , you just have to offer.

You don’t need a website

The second good point is that you don’t need a website . If at the moment you have no audience, you don’t have a website, you don’t have traffic, nothing at all, the advantage is that you can subscribe now, we won’t will ask for no verification. You can do it right now, it will only take 2 minutes upon registration. You will find the link in the description of the Blog. It takes you two minutes and no need for a website.

You don’t need an audience

You do n’t need an audience . You don’t need to have a website, YouTube channel, mailing list, Twitter account, big Instagram account. You can start from scratch . Since again in the affiliate program I created, I even offer Blog training to help you sell as an affiliate. So all of that is in the description.

You will have access to training on affiliate sales

In addition to that, you will have training offered on affiliate sales . That, very few people offer it, often there are people who tell you: “I invite you to sell my affiliate programs, I invite you to sell my Blog trainings, my E-books”, but nobody helps you . Whereas here, you have very concrete training that will help you sell and earn money in the long term and passively.

You will have e-mails available

On top of that, what did I make available? I have sent you emails that are prepared . So if you are currently or in the future planning to start a blog, YouTube channel, or business that relies on email marketing well, I’ve already written the emails for you. . It’s completely free , you take them, you copy them in your sequence and there are already your links, you just have to left click and “paste”, to copy and paste and paste them. emails I wrote for you, based on all the different trainings. And all this is completely free.

You will have advertising inserts available

In addition to that, you will also have advertising inserts that have been created by graphic designers , which have been tested, which have been compared to see the best performing, the best optimized. Today, we make it available to you for free in our affiliate program. That is to say that today, if you have a website or if you plan to have a website, or even if you want to advertise, you directly have the images that are made for you . You just have to copy and paste. We made lots of different sizes. So no matter if you want to put it at the top of your site, on the side, at the bottom, on another site, on a pop-up, you will find all these images in the description of the Blog.

You will have lifetime value commissions

On top of that, you will earn lifetime value commissions for all of our clients .

What does it mean ? Let’s say you link to one of our freebies and a client buys training this week that costs 300 euros (knowing that we often have an average basket of 450 euros) and well, you earn about 200 -250 euros.

What’s going to happen ? What’s going to happen is that even if next year our client buys us new training, even training that hasn’t come out even in five years, well, you will still make money on that same client. A client who is ultimately managed by us, who is transformed by us, who is maintained by us, who is retained by us. But you are the one who earns a commission. So once again, all of this is quite possible for the first time I think in French-speaking countries, thanks to the affiliate program that I have just launched and that you can join now.

You will have access to a private Facebook group

You will also find a private Facebook group, which is reserved for affiliates . That is, if today you are ready to share gifts with people around you and earn money by sharing gifts, what will happen? You are just going to have a community on Facebook that will help you and motivate you. You will also introduce yourself. We will welcome you, and see how we can help you. And again, you can only join the Facebook group, if you have joined the affiliate program.

So concretely, if I had to recap: it’s very simple, in the description of the Blog, you have a link that redirects to my affiliate platform. You register and then you will automatically have access to your personal link. That is to say that you will simply be able to directly share your link, earn money thanks to your link and automatically, at the end of each month, you will receive money on Paypal. It’s that simple.

How does my affiliate program work?

-How’s it going ?

Let’s take a very simple example, you register on the affiliate platform. For example, you post your link on a forum, on a YouTube Blog, on a blog comment, or in an email that you send to your list.

-What is happening ?

People get a gift. They get a gift, so we don’t sell them something. They receive a gift from you with your affiliate link. They then receive an e-mail sequence which, for me, today converts to more than 10 euros and suddenly, automatically, you earn money for each person who subscribes to our mailing list . It’s that simple.

You make money every time someone buys something from us . And on top of that, if the person buys a product from us, whether it’s this week, this month, next year, or even some other product that is not yet created now, that there won’t be not even an affiliate program and well you will be able to earn money since our client will come through your affiliate link from today.

It’s that simple.

In summary, the big advantages that you have in joining our own affiliate program are very clearly:

  • no customer management
  • no management
  • you can start very small
  • you can start without any investment
  • you have all your payments at the end of the month on Paypal

Concretely, you don’t even have to send us an email to tell us: “How is it going with the payment? »You only have to put your Paypal e-mail when you register and at the end of each month, we send you your money.

You will find all the information on this affiliate program in the description of the Blog, if you are on Smartphone and tablet. And if you are on a computer, you will find the link that appears right here .

I am very happy to be able to share this affiliate program with you. I’m also very proud of it, because it took me and my team almost three months to prepare. Me, a graphic designer plus another marketer, together we prepared this affiliate program. With Esteban who you know and who has also edited all the training Blog that are in this affiliate program that we offer you in addition. So we really put all our efforts into it.

I invite you very frankly to go see it because it is very profitable , and in the long term. You don’t have to do anything and you can start small by posting your links where you are told to post them. I have given you a lot of other aids that I do not have time to mention in this Blog to save you as much time as possible.

You can find yourself in the description of the Blog, on your affiliate program or in the training offered to you on the affiliation.

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