10 Most Powerful Muslims In The World

10 Most Powerful Muslims In The World

According to a study, there are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world. throughout life, you meet or hear about a lot of 10 Most Powerful Muslims In The World who have left their mark on this planet.

Now some of them are scientists athletes even religious figures or just common people. who also have stories to tell that influence the rest of the world

we’re specifically looking at 10 Most Powerful Muslims In The World that has definitely left their mark

I this article we talk about a lot of very fascinating interesting and influential people to look at so I’m really excited about this one so let’s begin

10Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi is a young female Palestinian activist who has become a globally recognized icon all for her resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. She confronted Israeli soldiers who entered her yard in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and then proceeded to slap and kick them.


At this time mother was recording the whole thing and later the video went absolutely viral. a few days later at nighttime the Israeli Army’s own camera actually documented soldiers entering her home handcuffing and arresting her.

Now she was then subject to interrogation and then later. she was sentenced to eight months in jail now her mother.

She was also imprisoned but never charged ahead was released after serving eight months as a political prisoner and received worldwide support for highlighting the oppressive life faced by Palestinians. if anything ahead influenced a lot of people with her enormous amount of courage

9Mohamed Salah

mohamed salah

Mohamed Salah comes in at number nine everybody knows Mohamed Salah. we also write an article about him. He’s a Sunni Muslim Egyptian football player who not only achieved greatness but also influences a lot of people.

Salah plays in the English team Liverpool where he broke many records and he’s won many accolades he’s also helped Egypt qualify for the World Cup

Mohamed Salah played a great role in changing people’s perspective about Islamophobia his down-to-earth nature and his good manners forced people to see Islam as well as Muslims in a completely different light his footballing journey.

During his two seasons out cool FC has had an unprecedented effect on football fans singing positive songs. about Muslims that’s literally a song that his fans made up for him (Youtube search for songs)

8Maulana Tariq Jameel

Maulana Tariq Jameel

Molana Tariq Jameel is also known as Tariq Jameel is a prominent scholar. Molana Tariq Jameel is also one of the most powerful preachers in Pakistan now he belonged to the Tablighi Jamaat Pakistan group.

The lectures focus on the subject of self-purification avoidance of violence observance of Allah’s orders as well as pursuing the way of the Prophet Muhammad.

Maulana Tariq Jameel completed the pre-medical studies he was admitted to the King Edward Medical College in Lahore Pakistan.

He inspired by Islamic Teachings and he was admitted from Jamia Arabia where he studied the Quran and hadith.

Background in the sciences allows him to explain the Islamic concepts in a way that appeals to modern urban Muslims.

Additionally his simple lifestyle as well as his eloquence in Urdu as well as speaking fluent Arabic really catapulted his fame across the Muslim world.

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7Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Imran Khan was the International cricketer as well as a captain of the Pakistani national team and that led to the victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan back in the year 2018 and this was made of huge expectations that he could bring the country forward on issues of governance as well as accountability and reduction of corruption.

He has endured a very tough first year the economy was fragile reforms to the financial systems were very slow and their questions asked about the influence of the army in his government.

Imran Khan is considered to be a great leader and an influencer as he leads 217 point four million people in Pakistan and he’s also a major influence on the Pakistani diaspora.

6Amr Khaled

Amr Khaled

Amr Khaled has been a televangelist to the Islamic world since the year 1998. He communicates through his TV shows as well as his web campaigns using Islamic ethics.

as a way to inspire and foster community and development and also to promote tolerance and intercultural relations.

He holds a degree in accounting and has no formal religious education believe it or not but he wears suits and ties and he has a clean-shaven face except for a trimmed mustache.

His website is also translated from Arabic into nearly twenty other languages and it rivals

Amr Khaled in terms of traffic believes her or not now his videos have racked up over 90 million views on YouTube and he has about 28 million likes on his Facebook page.

5Habib Ali zain al-Abidin al Jeffery

Habib Ali zain al-Abidin al Jeffery

Habib Ali zain al-Abidin al Jeffery lineage to the family of Hazrat Ali the 4th caliph of Islam and the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad all Jeffrey is a leading Islamic scholar and a prominent speaker in the Muslim world.

al Jeffrey is the director-general of the Taba foundation in the UAE and he’s a member of the board of dar al Mustafa in Yemen and also a member of the royal of a bit Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan.

he’s affiliated with various other international Islamic organizations his popularity was grown a lot over the past few years with almost 50 million followers on different social media platforms plus half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Now his inspirational speeches often leave many people crying in tears and his smile and his gentleness really touch a lot of people that he meets now despite not speaking English he’s in huge demand by English-speaking Muslims

4Moez Masoud

Moez Masoud

well as the Masood comes in number four Moez Masoud is an Egyptian preacher as well as a television and radio presenter.

He is also an activist who focuses on the field of contemporary spirituality interfaith dialogue and Islam in the modern world. now his engagement in media has been significant since the year 2007.

so that’s over a decade now when his first Arabic TV show debuted and by now his programs and appearances have acquired millions of viewers across the Arab world

Moez Masoud Ramadan broadcasts Cotuit al Shaitaan this was widely viewed across the Arab world and back in the year 2017.

Moez Masoud produced the Egyptian film clash which has been hailed as one of the most telling depictions of modern Egypt in film and also the film was selected to represent Egypt in the Oscars in 2017 for the Best Foreign Language Film category.

Moez Masoud is active in various social media sites including YouTube Facebook Twitter and in 2020

He announced the production of a film about the Christchurch mosque shootings in which 55 people ended up losing their lives and it will be entitled hello brother and this is according to one of the victims of the shooting.

3King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein

prince al hussein bin abdullah ii

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein is also known as Abdullah II of Jordan. King Abdullah II is the constitutional monarch of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. and the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Arab army

He is also the custodian of the Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem he influences seven million Jordanians as well as promotes outreach to traditional Islam in response to growing Islamophobia in the West.

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the rise in sectarian strife king, Abdullah II he launched the am on message initiative which was unanimously adopted by the Islamic world political and temporal leadership. King Abdullah II is also credited with the royal l.l.bean institute for Islamic thoughts most authoritative website on the Holy Quran

The tough sir now this guy is a busy man because he also founded the world Islamic sciences as well as education university in Jordan.

Now back in the year 2012 king Abdullah ii he set up into grated professorial chairs for the study of the work of amount gazelle II at the Aqsa Mosque and Imam Razi at the King Hussein mosque and also in addition to everything that he’s done in 2014 he established a fellowship for the study of love in religion at Regent’s Park College Oxford University.

2Syed Ali Hussain II Kamini

Syed Ali Hussain II Kamini

Syed Ali Hussain II Kamini Grand Ayatollah Khomeini is the second supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was born in Mashhad and he studied in the leading Iranian religious Seminary all that before becoming involved in the struggle with the pub lobby regime in the 60s as well as in the 70s now he was a key figure in the revolution in the year 1979.

Syed Ali Hussain II Kamini served as president between 1981 to 1989 before succeeding Ayatollah Khomeini as a supreme leader. He has vocally supported most of the unrest in the Arab world likening it to the Iranian Revolution Khomeini leads 77 point seven million Iranians

1Tayyip Erdogan

Tayyip Erdogan

and finally, at number one we have heard Tayyip Erdogan was the prime minister of Turkey for 11 years Tayyip Erdogan is the current president of Turkey now during his term serving the country Turkey has seen unprecedented economic growth.

as well as constitutional reforms and a reemergence as a major global power being a Sunni Muslim leader he’s influenced seventy-five point seven million Turkish citizens and we could see turkeys rise on the political scale as well as its military scale and economic scale.

so that’s why currently we ranked no 1 in the 10 Most Powerful Muslims In The World


 our guys so that is it those were 10 Most Powerful Muslims In The World in the entire world let me know down below in the comment section.

what other leaders Muslim or not inspire you I’d definitely love to hear your thoughts and comments down below now before you guys head out be sure to check out my social media those links are below in the video description section and also I’ll be


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